Research and Development

Research and Innovation

PRx is well positioned with short and long-term assets in its pipeline to be a leader in the future of preventative, personalized and precision healthcare. Current trends in medicine lie in the creation of new classes of drugs that treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms, of disease and may be useful in disease prevention. By understanding the genetic basis of disease and by working with strategic partners, PRx believes that it will be able to develop drugs and treatment protocols that are more effective, resulting in better patient outcomes at significantly lower costs.

Development Assets

PRx’ development expertise is uniquely enhanced by its strategic development collaborations. Some of those development assets are included below:

  • 600,000 DNA samples in library as a result of a birth defect or serious maternity issue
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Collected from most genetically divers population in U.S.
  • Believed to be largest DNA library in world related to women’s health
  • Corresponding proprietary genealogy database developed from over 50,000 public sources
  • Gen DB – Proprietary genealogy database used to accelerate genetic discoveries