Pipeline Characteristics

Strong Long-Term Consumer Demand

Personalized medicine has been commonly defined as providing “the right treatment for the right person at the right time in the right dose.” PRx is in a unique position to deliver the most appropriate pharmaceutical therapy to patients at the optimal time. PRx has developed and/or acquired products, intellectual property and technologies that it believes to be the best in class and first of its kind in diagnostics and therapeutics. The unique knowledge acquired by PRx through the development of these assets will provide an extensive pipeline for both the near and long-term.

Competitive Advantage and Defensible Technology

The assets being developed and commercialized are not only supported by numerous U.S. and international patent filings, but also by the unique know how that was acquired in the development process. An advantage of being in the life sciences arena is that most new therapeutics and diagnostics under development are highly visible to the marketplace. Management is not aware of any product that is on the market or in development that has superior characteristics. The knowledge base of PRx allows it a competitive advantage in continuing to innovate well into the future.

Large Market Opportunity with little competition

Multi Billion dollar markets. There is an unmet need in these markets for effective low side effect therapeutics with companion diagnostics that allow for preventative therapies. PRx knows of no other prognostic tests for the diseases discussed in this document.